Take advantage of the ScholarShip@Sea program

A cruise vacation is not only a great time to relax, but also the perfect chance to partake in some personal enrichment. Through the ScholarShip@Sea program, you'll be able to attend lectures and take courses on a wide variety of subjects - all while still enjoying the fantastic amenities and hospitality onboard the ship.

Every ship has a different schedule of courses available, with up to 40 different subjects being available on some cruises. Some of the recent courses that have been introduced include the Zumba Dance fitness class and the Princess Pop Choir, which will let you join on an onboard glee club coached by gifted staff members.

Other courses take advantage of the fact that you're out on the ocean on a fully-staffed cruise ship. The Culinary Arts program will allow you to get some hands-on training from the esteemed chefs who serve up thousands of meals every day. Or shadow one of the ship's officers for a day as they teach you all about what it takes to navigate a massive ship through the ocean.

There are also a number of enrichment lectures available on a wide variety of subjects, with luminaries giving talks on their field of choice. Whatever your interest, it's likely that you'll be able to find a suitable program to learn more.

Scholarship at Sea - Pottery
Scholarship at Sea - Pottery