Stateroom Dining Is the Ultimate Luxury

Couples eating dinner on balcony
Couples eating dinner on balcony

Travelers will have no shortage of options when it comes to dining onboard their cruise ship, as the cruise features a number of restaurants with a wide array of cuisine. Sometimes, however, passengers may desire something a little more intimate.

That's where the ship's wide range of dining options that can be delivered directly to your stateroom comes into play. This isn't your typical room service - although that's offered as well - but instead a delicately prepared range of culinary treats that are sure to satisfy any traveler.

What better way to unwind after an excursion than to sit on your stateroom's balcony and enjoy a late-afternoon snack? With everything from cheese plates to chilled shrimp to guacamole and chips, there's something for every palate.

And while the ship offers a wide range of bars and lounges to grab a cocktail, sometimes a night in can be just as fun. Why not order a bottle of Dom Perignon? The ships cellars feature a wide range of top-shelf liquor in addition to wines and even soda.

Perhaps the most memorable option, however, is the four-course champagne breakfast. This extravagant meal is delivered right to your balcony in the morning, allowing a couple to watch the sunrise together as they enjoy a gourmet meal and sparkling champagne. 

Enjoy an intimate, romantic dining experience with breathtaking views and a special meal served by your own dedicated waitstaff on your stateroom balcony. Ulitmate Balcony Dining features a hosted cocktail party, fresh flowers, champagne and a deluxe four-course meal featuring delicate sweet lobster tail or juicy steak among many available delicacies.