How to Make Friends and Meet People on a Cruise

Couples on deck
Couples on deck

Going on a cruise is a great way to learn more about different cultures from around the world, but many people hit the high seas for another reason - to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. Here are a few ideas on ways for sociable passengers to link up with like-minded people during an exciting oceanic adventure.

The easiest way to facilitate social interaction during a cruise is to book a trip on a smaller ship. Mid-size vessels typically carry somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 people, giving you plenty of opportunities to see the same travelers fairly frequently. By going for a cruise on a smaller ship - especially one with fewer than 800 passengers - you can enjoy an even more intimate setting. This gives you a chance to see the same people on a regular basis, helping you build bonds that will continue beyond your vacation.

Similarly, signing up for a longer cruise can give you more time to create friendships with other passengers. Trips lasting less than a week are perfect for people who cannot get away from work for very long, but those looking for a more leisurely experience will likely have a more socially fulfilling holiday if they opt for a lengthier excursion.

Perhaps the easiest way to get to know someone new on a cruise is through assigned seating in the dining room. When you eat your meals with the same people every night, you can develop a close relationship that makes your cruise that much more enjoyable. Moreover, this dining arrangement can help you meet travelers who you never would have encountered otherwise, helping to broaden your social horizons.

Beyond the dining room, there are plenty of other opportunities to become friends with fellow travelers. The best way to meet people with similar interests is to sign up for an organized activity on board the ship. Cruises offer a wide variety of fun things to do, ranging from aerobics classes to wine tastings. The passengers you encounter during these activities are guaranteed to have at least one interest in common with you, providing you with a foundation to help grow a friendship that lasts through the rest of your vacation and into the future.