Go Behind the Scenes with the Ultimate Ship Tour

Ultimate Ship Tour
Ultimate Ship Tour

While enjoying your cruise, you'll be visiting some of the greatest destinations in the world and seeing some of their most famous sights. Yet one of the more amazing marvels that you'll encounter on a journey is right under your nose - the ship itself.

It's a massive undertaking to get the entire ship working day-in and day-out, as these ships are virtually floating cities. There are a wide variety of cruise activities for you to engage in while onboard, but there are large parts of the ship that you'll never get to see - unless you take the Ultimate Ship Tour.

A first time innovation in the cruise industry, the Ultimate Ship Tour will allow you a special behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day operations of a truly seaworthy vessel. You'll be able to see the ship's engine control room, photo lab, print shop, medical center, bridge and many more exciting spots that you might otherwise not even know existed on the ship.

It's all capped by a meeting with the ship's captain in the command center, who will discuss some of the challenges of managing a massive ship and crew. Refreshments will be provided, and you'll be able to take in the gorgeous views from the ship's bridge.