Exciting Nightlife on Your Princess Cruise

What a Swell Party
What a Swell Party

Cruise travelers will have many chances to create memorable moments at the various ports of call that they'll stop at along their journey. But while adventuring to new locales can be exciting by day, relaxing on the ship at night should be an enjoyable experience as well.

That's why guests have a number of options at their disposal when it comes to nightlife back on the ship. For example, travelers may notice the massive 300 square-foot screen on the main deck. At night, this screen comes to life, with a variety of films shown throughout the evening as part of the Movies Under the Stars program.

The outdoor movie nights are far from the only option, however. Take the various production shows, for example. At any given point, there are at least 35 different shows being produced across the fleet, featuring a mix of classic plays and new favorites. These shows all feature professional actors, choreographed song and dance numbers and elaborate costumes and sets.

Whether it's enjoying stand-up comedy or a talent show, spending the evening at the casino or unwinding at one of the bars or lounges, travelers will always have entertainment at their fingertips. Guests can even take to the stage themselves in the ship's karaoke bar!