Enjoy Special Treatment at the Chef's Table

Chef's Table, Royal Princess
Chef's Table, Royal Princess

All cruises offer guests a variety of flexible dining options when it comes time for meals, but the special Chef's Table experience with Princess Cruises really takes things to another level.

As part of the service excellence of The Consummate Host, the Chef's Table is the chance for passengers to get an inside look at exactly how the cruise prepares thousands of meals on a nightly basis. You'll be the special guest of the executive chef at his exclusive table, which is located right in the center of the dining room.

The experience starts when the Maitre d' escorts the passengers down to the galley. Here you'll meet the executive chef and be treated to a selection of champagne and appetizers.

You'll then be seated at the Chef's Table, where a unique multi-course meal will be served. Your host will explain the inspiration from the dish, which usually utilizes fresh local ingredients from the nearest port.

After the gourmet meal is through, the chef will return to the table for dessert and relaxation. This is often the most enjoyable part of the evening, as passengers get the chance to pick the chef's brain about what it's like to cook for so many people on a regular basis.

All participants also get an autographed copy of Courses, the official cruise ship cookbook, so they can take some of the delicious treats back home. This is inaddition to a complementary photo taken at the private table with the chef.