Discovering All of the Highlights of Emerald Princess®

The International Cafe on Emerald Princess
The International Cafe on Emerald Princess

Whether you always dreamt of taking a Caribbean cruise vacation to relax and unwind underneath the warm sun or you want to explore the roots of the United States on a New England cruise, there's a Princess Cruises itinerary to take you there. On board Emerald Princess, you'll enjoy a wide range of entertainment and dining options.

The history of Emerald Princess
Emerald Princess has itineraries that bring passengers along the Atlantic to destinations steeped in history and natural wonder. Emerald Princess launched in 2007 and continues to be popular among cruising enthusiasts. Today, it hosts New England cruises and several trips to the Caribbean, as well as European cruise vacations.

This ship boasts nearly 900 staterooms with balconies, giving travelers a number of opportunities to view the magnificent ocean. There are also numerous bars and cafes throughout the ship, giving travelers the chance to indulge in freshly prepared cuisine as they stroll along the deck. The ship is also home to the International Café and serves a wide range of food from different cultures.

Emerald Princess amenities
While on board, passengers have access to several dining options that will keep them happily satiated. Emerald Princess has many spas, bars and lounges for relaxation, such as the Lotus Spa and the Vines Bar. Traditional, specialty, casual and anytime dining are all available to travelers in the form of grills, cafes and classic eateries.

Emerald Princess also has a Lotus Spa for those who want to get pampered before they arrive at their destination, as well as The Sanctuary where adults can relax in peace. In addition to the splendid views from the balconies and the tasty cuisine that can be found on board, this is just the icing on the cake.