Delicious Dining Experiences Available Onboard

Golden Princess, Chefs table dining
Golden Princess, Chefs table dining

A cruise vacation is a great time to relax, catch some sun and engage in a wide variety of onboard activities. However, one of the best parts about a cruise ship that's often overlooked is the plethora of dining options available, all serving up delicious food day or night.

Your package already includes the traditional cruise dining experience, where all passengers head down to the opulent dining room every night to taste the best that the ship's chefs can offer. Many passengers choose to eat here every night, and with so many delicious items on the menu, it's easy to see why.

However, those who want to branch out a bit for their nightly meals have the option to do so with a number of specialty restaurants. These eateries charge a small fee, but it's definitely worth it for the multi-course meals  that they serve. Choice of restaurant varies by ship, but all cruises will have one or more options available.

For example, head on down to the Bayou Cafe and Steakhouse for a taste of some delectable New Orleans-inspired cuisine. It's not often that a single city has its own food that's distinct from the rest of the country, but New Orleans certainly takes the cake with its Cajun and Creole dishes. Choose from options like the n'awlins crawfish with mud bug bisque or delicious chorizo jambalaya.

If you're looking for a more traditional meal, head over to Sterling Steakhouse. You've got your choice here of all the classics - porterhouse, rib eye, New York strip and of course filet mignon. There's even some outside-the-box creations like a brie and papaya quesadilla.

At Sabatini's, it's all about recreating the traditional Italian supper. Start off with a wide variety of antipasti - everything from fried calamari to a delicious ricotta flan. Try the delicious potato and ricotta ravioli paired with a nice wine for your second course. And no Italian dinner is complete without dessert - the tiramasu is to die for.