Cruising Through Cultures

The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt
The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt

Cruising around the world offers passengers the opportunity to see dozens of cultures in a single vacation. With shore excursion options, travelers can get to know the Pyramids of Giza or the native tribes situated along the Panama Canal. Those who want to get the most out of the world's various cultures need only unpack their bags before getting a taste of rich traditions.

Explore the shores

The best way get to know a culture during a cruise vacation is to disembark for a shore excursion. With Princess, passengers have the luxury of picking when and where they want to experience unique traditions, whether on an Asian cruise or sailing through the Caribbean. Travelers can talk to a representative on their ship to see which options are the best for them.

On a Panama Canal cruise, for example, cruisers can learn about the Embera Indians, who have lived along the bank of the waters for hundreds of years. Living in peaceful harmony with their surroundings, these natives still practice traditional dances and craftwork, which Princess passengers can witness during a shore excursion.

Cruises make cultural vacation easy

Rather than enduring the stress of finding accommodations, making restaurant reservations and figuring out which sites to visit, Princess makes it easy for travelers to spend more time actually enjoying their vacation and less time worrying about squeezing everything in.

Smaller ports such as Fairbanks, Alaska, are easier to explore independently. Nearly all of the city's attractions are only a short distance away, including Pioneer Park, which honors the state's pioneering and railroad history.

Other ports, like Lahaina, located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, are so expansive that booking a shore excursion would ensure that travelers can visit a traditional village while still fitting in a drive up to the summit of Haleakala mountain.

Another great thing about shore excursions? Passengers can rest assured that their vessel will not leave without them.

How to book a shore excursion

Passengers should always plan ahead when thinking about their shore excursions to guarantee their spot aboard a motor coach. These trips come at an additional cost to the total cruising fee, but they're worth every last penny. Leave the planning to Princess Cruises and let your cruise experience be the vacation of a lifetime.