Cruising in the Morning, Afternoon, Evening: A Day in the Life

Golden Princess, Blackjack in Casino
Golden Princess, Blackjack in Casino

Each day brings a new adventure on a cruise vacation, whether setting sail on a New Zealand cruise or heading to Alaska for a salmon fishing excursion. Passengers can live out their getaway with a leisurely schedule or, if they want to squeeze every bit of sightseeing into their itinerary, a cruise travel advisor can help create a calendar from the first to the last day at sea.

From breakfast buffets and shore excursions to cocktail parties and casino nights, cruises offer the entire gamut of getaway activities so you'll never have a moment of boredom.

Wake up, get out of bed

Moments after a cruise passenger brushes their teeth in the morning, their day begins with numerous possibilities.

If cruisers tend to work out in the morning, they can slip on their sneakers and running shorts to take a quick jog around the top deck well before dawn to beat the crowds. The Lotus Fitness center lets more sensitive athletes get some joint-easy weight training or elliptical time. Many classes are available in the morning, including yoga, so passengers can wake up naturally while breathing deeply and stretching out their body. After taking a shower or indulging in a spa treatment, the morning continues with a satiating breakfast.

At The Piazza food court, travelers can eat their fill of French breakfast pastries like croissants before getting their caffeine buzz with a cup of espresso or coffee. Healthy eaters can also stack their plates with fresh fruits and protein-rich egg white omelettes made fresh to order.

Disembark for a day of exploration

One of the best things about a cruise vacation is waking up in an entirely new country. Passengers can choose to stay on board to enjoy the many amenities on the ship or spend the entire day exploring the port on their own. What's more, travelers have dozens of shore excursion options that range from leisure sightseeing to heart-pumping sports.

For example, before leaving a Mediterranean cruise ship for a day of sightseeing and shopping, passengers will be briefed by staff members who know the best spots in port. Upon stepping ashore, honorary explorers may have already booked a guided tour excursion so they can spend more time taking photos and absorbing the sights instead of arranging transportation or simply figuring out where to go.

Once off the ship, passengers are given full liberty to hop on a cab and paint the town red with family and friends. In addition to touring trips, Princess Cruises also provides one-of-a-kind experiences like helicopter tours over Alaska's mountain ranges or wine tours in France.

Wind down with dining and evening entertainment

After spending all day out in the sun, there's no better way to end yet another day of vacation than with a gourmet meal onboard and an evening of merriment at the casino. Families can take advantage of youth-friendly activities that range from poolside movies to kids-only sleepover parties - complete with bottomless popcorn. Why not wine and dine like you're on a sophisticated European cruise that calls in France or enjoy a Singapore Sling cocktail as you cruise to Asia?

Travelers can drop off their newly purchased souvenirs in their cabins, take a shower and jazz up their outfits before taking the elevator up to the top decks where restaurants, gaming rooms and a romantic sunset awaits.