Witness the stunning natural beauty of Scarborough on the island of Tobago


If you want to visit a destination off the beaten path during your Caribbean cruise, you won't want to miss the island of Tobago in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. While the country is a thriving center of commerce for the region, Tobago eschews the hustle and bustle of modern life in favor of a focus on its natural beauty.

Human activity on Tobago centers around the sleepy settlement of Scarborough. When you disembark in the town, you can learn about the island's agrarian history when you visit two different local attractions. At the Arnos Vale Waterwheel, you can see a well-preserved 18th century structure used in the area's sugar industry, while you can learn about the cultivation and importance of cocoa when you make a trip to the Tobago Cocoa Estate.

Fort King George is another popular attraction on Tobago, as it offers you scenic views of the ocean as well as a glimpse into the island's military history. In the back of the fort, you will find the Tobago Museum, a facility dedicated to the isle's native peoples and colonial history.

Although these attractions are fun and educational, they pale in comparison to Tobago's natural landscape. The most popular feature of the island is Pigeon Point, a gorgeous beach famous for its powdery white sand, swaying palms, shallow seas and thatched-roof jetty. Here, you can enjoy a range of activities, including jet-skiing and windsurfing. Another great destination is the Argyle Waterfall, a 175-foot three-tiered cascade that has to be seen to be believed.

If you're interested in diving, there is no better spot on the island than Buccoo Reef. This magnificent coral labyrinth is home to countless tropical marine species, making it a prime destination for scuba divers. The nearby Nylon Pool is a shallow swimming area formed by a sandbar, allowing you to stand and splash in the middle of the sea.