Top five captivations of the Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman Islands

The Island of Grand Cayman is a majestic place that contains a number of interesting places to shop and dine. For vacationers fascinated by rare Caribbean sites, this island features aspects of unparalleled beauty. Those who visit this British colony will be entranced by the beaches, the nightlife and the sheer amount of interesting locations to tour.

The first of these places of interest is George Town. This city, populated by just over 35,000 people, is the largest settlement of the three Cayman Islands and is well known throughout the Caribbean as a great place for dining. Numerous restaurants make this an amazing city for foodies. Here visitors can treat themselves to Greek, Mexican, Spanish, Italian and Chinese food, all influenced with the local ingredients harvested from the land and sea.

One captivating area of Grand Cayman is located in West Bay. This rare glimpse of terrain, aptly named Hell, is about the size of a football field and is home to black limestone spires. It is said that when a pebble is thrown into this geological phenomenon, a number of echoes will continue to ring as if the pebble is falling straight into the abyss. Hence the name.

A more colorful activity that vacationers may be interested in is a visit to the island's Turtle Farm on Boatswain's Beach. Since 1968 the scientists of the park have dedicated themselves to conserving, raising and domesticating endangered green sea turtles. Here, travelers can interact with more than 600 of these amazing reptiles in their natural aquatic environment.

Another water oriented activity is a trip on the Atlantis Submarine. This is an actual working sub that goes deep into the ocean to give curious travelers a view of the underwater realm. The vessel is well equipped with numerous viewing windows so people can see the shipwrecks and reefs that surround the island.

Those coming to this amazing Caribbean location should not miss a trip to Seven Mile Beach. Considered among the best Caribbean beaches by Frommer's, this stretch of pristine white sand is a great area to walk or swim and contains a number of small cantinas to enjoy a nice beverage in while taking in the gorgeous island view.

Horseback Riding is another activity that makes for an enjoyable stay on Grand Cayman. These tours take travelers into the tropical hills of the island, along the beach and even into the water for a quick cool off. This and many other adventurous activities, combined with the island's exciting restaurants make this a priority destination.