Three popular attractions and locations to check out in Aruba

View of Aruba's pristine water
View of Aruba's pristine water

If you're interested in getting away from it all in an exotic, tropical destination, why not consider a Caribbean cruise vacation? Not only will you be able to enjoy perfect weather, but you can stop at some of the most beautiful, popular attractions in the region while passing through on a Princess Cruise.

There are many Caribbean cruises to choose from, whether you're interested in traveling with your family or with your spouse. One area you might want to hone in on is Aruba. This Caribbean island is full of luxurious beaches and also has a vibrant culture that any visitor can enjoy. While your Caribbean cruise is docked in Aruba, here are some sites to check out.

Casibari and Ayo rock formations

Although many people think of beaches when Aruba comes to mind, the locals will tell you that some of the most beautiful areas to be seen are where the rock formations lie. The Casibari and Ayo rock formations are two of the most popular areas for residents and tourists alike.

Casibari is a must-visit for those who enjoy hiking, according to From the peak, you can get a bird's-eye view of the magnificent Aruba landscape below. Casibari is so large that it even has its own snack and souvenir shop.

Similarly, the Ayo rock formation can give you a glimpse of the beautiful beaches from above if you choose to hike up the structure. This area is free to the public - why not take advantage of it while you're here?

Arikok National Park

Another location to visit while you're taking in all that Aruba has to offer is Arikok National Park. This area is a part of a large preservation dedicated to maintaining the natural habitat and keeping Aruba's native creatures around for generations to come, according to the park's official website. There are more than 20 miles of hiking trails for those who want to get their exercise, as well as guided hiking tours for a small fee.

Within the preserve, you can view numerous caves and beaches that make for perfect photo opportunities. Park officials recommend renting a 4x4 in order to explore all that the preserve has to offer, on and off the beaten path.

Aruba beaches

What would an Aruba cruise be without a trip to the beach? Once your ship arrives at port, you likely can't wait to leave the pool and lay on the sandy beaches of this luxurious island. That being said, there are numerous beaches to visit and tan on while you're indulging in all of the splendor of Aruba.

The official Aruba website states that there is a wide variety of beaches around the island, whether you're interested in watersports or a quiet retreat where you can relax under the sun. One of the most popular areas you might want to check out if you're nearby is Palm Beach. This 2-mile stretch of white sand caters to visitors from all over the world, offering plenty of snorkeling and tanning opportunities.

If you're looking for an area that is not as populated and noisy, you might want to consider Druif Beach instead. This long, narrow stretch of sand is a quiet spot for tourists and residents alike. However, it isn't too far from shops and restaurants, making it a happy medium for visitors.

Whether you're interested in exploring the unique nature in Aruba or you simply want to soak up some rays, this island has everything you need to relax and forget your troubles.