The many shades of Blue Curacao

Traveling around the world gives you the opportunity to sample some new flavors that aren't found anywhere else. If you're lucky enough to be sailing on a Caribbean cruise that stops in Curacao, you'll get the chance to do exactly that when you book the "Colorful Curacao" excursion.

Curacao is a lush and beautiful island in the Caribbean that offers drivers plenty of ample beach space and crystal blue waters. However, it's not the sea that locals will be referencing when they mention "Blue Curacao." No, Blue Curacao is a local drink, a delicious liquor that utilizes many of the fruits that grows on the island.

The "Colorful Curacao" tour gives you the chance to sample this rare beverage and explore some of the history behind it. One of the stops on the tour is the actual Blue Curacao distillery, which is housed in a former merchant's mansion called Chobolobo. You'll be able to taste the famous drink and possibly even purchase a bottle - a great gift for friends back home.

The remainder of the tour will take you to some of the famous mansions around the city of Willemstad, as well as some famous sights in the city itself. And don't worry - there's also a stop at one of the scenic beaches, so you'll have an opportunity to see both Blue Curacaos before the day is done.