Something for everyone in St. Lucia

View Point, St. Lucia
View Point, St. Lucia

There's no denying that Caribbean cruise destinations are known for their beaches more than anything else, but some ports offer so much more for you to explore. The island of St. Lucia is the perfect example of a destination that combines engrossing culture and stunning natural scenery with awesome beaches and plenty of opportunity for adventure travel.

The first thing you'll likely notice when you step off the ship is the magnificent Pitons, twin peaks that rise 2,000-feet above sea level. Several of the Caribbean shore excursions offered in St. Lucia will allow you to get quite close to these magnificent mountains, which are designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. You won't be able to ascend to the peaks themselves, but these massive monoliths serves as the perfect backdrop for all the adventures you'll have on the island.

Yet the Pitons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to natural scenery on the island. You'll be wowed by Sulphur Springs, the world's only drive-in volcano. Be sure not to miss the secluded cove known as Marigot Bay, where you'll even be able to take a dip.

However, not all of St. Lucia is comprised of natural wonders - there's plenty of man-made attractions to see as well. In the city of Castries, be sure to check out the historic La Toc Battery, as well as the beautiful architecture at the Cathedral and Central Library. A trip to the plantation on Morne Coubaril will give you a chance to see how the island's workers harvest cocoa and turn it into tasty treats.

St. Lucia is the perfect place to engage in some memorable adventure travel. Whether you're hoping to spot dolphins and whales out on the water, ride horses on the beach or zipline through the highest treetops, there's something for everyone on this wonderful island.