Roatan is a Caribbean wildlife paradise

Monkey in Honduras
Monkey in Honduras

It might not be one of the more traditional stops on a Caribbean cruise, but the island of Roatan in Honduras will be a surefire hit with any nature lover in the family, as a variety of shore excursions allow travelers to get up close and personal with a number of different species.

For starters, those who have ever dreamed about swimming with dolphins can make their dream come true by booking an excursion in Roatan. Swimming with these intelligent and majestic creatures is sure to be an unforgettable experience for any animal lover.

Yet Roatan isn't restricted to marine animals. One of the more famous attractions on this island is the iguana farm, a locally-owned piece of land that provides a home to nearly 2,700 iguanas. These reptiles are allowed to roam around the premises as they please, and are sure to make for some memorable photos.

One of the more versatile trips offered in Roatan is Guambalimba Park. The park satisfies the nature lover, as they can interact with monkeys, visit a bird sanctuary and tour the beautiful botanical gardens. However, it also contains a beach that's perfect for swimming and a jungle zipline adventure for the more daring travelers in the group.