Princess Cruises offers numerous itineraries to those looking to explore St. Thomas

St. Thomas Coastline
St. Thomas Coastline

Princess Cruises offers several Caribbean cruises to some of the most beautiful tropical locations in the world. Whether you want to get up close to rare wildlife or simply relax on the beach, there's an itinerary to help you reach all of your vacation goals.

Caribbean cruise vacations can give you the opportunity to indulge in a new culture, unfamiliar traditions and tasty cuisine. Best of all, you'll be able to unwind while traveling to your desired destination on a ship full of state-of-the-art amenities.

One region you might want to explore if you're interested in heading to the Caribbean is St. Thomas. This small island is part of the Virgin Islands, a frequented destination for nearby Americans looking to unwind in a tropical hotspot.

Princess Cruises offers several itineraries to travelers looking to have the Caribbean cruise of a lifetime. These can provide a wide range of opportunities to passengers looking to snorkel, sail and golf along the magnificent St. Thomas coast.

Magens Bay
Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in the Virgin Islands and around the world is Magens Bay. This beach was listed in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches list by National Geographic Magazine, and rightfully so - the white sand and crystal clear water is enough to wash all of your worries away. Once you're done tanning or snorkeling for the day, there are numerous shops and restaurants located near Magens Bay for your convenience as well.

Coral World
If you have a penchant for nature, you might want to visit Coral World while on your St. Thomas cruise. This facility has numerous exhibits, including a pool where visitors can touch such as turtles and stingrays skimming the surface of the water and an 80,000 gallon coral reef tank. Those looking for live entertainment are also encouraged to watch professional trainers feed some of Coral World's largest interesting marine life.

Visitors who plan ahead can book activities that allow them to come up close to sharks, turtles and sea lions - perhaps the friendliest and funniest animals of the bunch.

Surfing and snorkeling
It's no secret that St. Thomas is a region where visitors flock to engage in a wide variety of water activities - ranging from surfing to scuba diving - and you can participate in them as well. There are many luxurious beaches and coastlines where people are welcome to explore the deep blue ocean, whether they're interested in coming close to reefs or colorful fish. If you enjoy snorkeling and surfing, there are also many opportunities to do so in the crystal clear water. Consider a shore excursion to see St. Thomas’ beautiful coastline in all its splendor.

Buck Island
Once you're on dry land, you might be interested in stretching your legs by embarking on a hike through the exotic St. Thomas wilderness, and there's no better place to do so than on Buck Island. This island is a short boat ride from port, and it’s a National Wildlife Refuge that's home to some of the rarest marine life and birds in the region. While at the refuge, visitors have the opportunity to hike along paths that take them deep into the lush green woods and bring them up close to nature.