Exploring the wonders of the Caribbean on a Princess Cruise

The town in Aruba
The town in Aruba

There are numerous Caribbean cruises to choose from once you begin planning a vacation to this region of the world, and there are several Princess cruise ships that you can select for your journey. If you want to embark on an Aruba cruise or head to the Bahamas, there are many options for you and your fellow travelers.

Furthermore, there is a boatload of activities for you to take advantage of when you arrive. Here are some cruising choices you might want to select, along with locations you might want to add to your itinerary once you dock.

The Caribbean Princess

There's no better way to sail through the Caribbean islands than on a Princess Cruise, and the Caribbean Princess was specifically made to enhance your journey through this area of the world. The Caribbean Princess was originally launched in 2004 and has been a sensation among travelers ever since.

This vessel was the first to introduce the Movies Under The Stars feature, which can now be found on board several other Princess cruises. The Caribbean Princess also has a luxurious pool and reef, along with more than a handful of restaurants for wining and dining.

There is also a Lotus Spa located on board the Caribbean Princess and a nightclub for those who want the best of both worlds. Travelers who are en route to the Caribbean with kids don't have to fret - there are several age-appropriate activities for children on board as well.

The Crown Princess

One of the largest Princess cruise ships, the Crown Princess can carry more than 3,000 to various destinations around the Caribbean. If you're looking for an Aruba cruise or a St. Maarten cruise to give you a taste of the Caribbean, there's no better way to explore the region than on the Crown Princess.

The Crown Princess has a casino, Lotus spa and several dining areas for travelers to enjoy. This ship is also home to a reef pool and a cigar lounge for those who really want to kick back and relax. Best of all, there's always something going on onboard, including live theater and music.

Caribbean activities

Once you dock in the Caribbean, there will be plenty of activities for you to engage in while you're on the shores of Aruba or lounging in the Bahamas. Some of the most popular activities within the region include hiking the hillsides to get a view of the blue ocean and fishing. There are also plenty of tropical rainforests to be explored while you're in the Caribbean, many of which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

If you want to get in touch with the local history, you might want to stop at the museums, distilleries and sugar cane factories throughout the region. There are several that encompass what it means to live and work in the Caribbean in these industries.

Those who want to take a dip in the crystal clear waters might want to consider snorkeling. There are several tours offered around the Caribbean that can put you up close to reefs and some of the region's natural wildlife.

If you want to get away from it all for a couple of weeks or you want to explore the world over the course of a month, there are many ways to do it. Choosing a Princess Cruise for your journey can ensure that you'll have a fun, safe trip through one of the most desirable travel sites in the world.