Escape to Bonaire, St. Thomas and Aruba on a Caribbean cruise

If you're interested in enjoying a tried and true getaway plan, consider booking a classic Caribbean cruise with Princess Cruises. Just think of the sandy beaches, clear blue waters, incredible warm weather and delicious fruit cocktails awaiting you on the tropical islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Here are some of the amazing attractions in store for you on a Caribbean cruise that takes you to the shores of Bonaire, St. Thomas and Aruba.

Bonaire Marine Park
Located south of Puerto Rico and just off the northern coast of Venezuela lies the island of Bonaire, which remains an official part of the Netherlands. This tropical retreat is inhabited by only about 15,000 people, leaving plenty of room for explorers to take in the natural beauty of the island. Perhaps one of Bonaire's biggest draws is its pristine waters and aquatic life, earning it the title of a "diver's paradise" over the years.

If you're looking for premier snorkeling and diving, don't hesitate to take a shore excursion to Bonaire Marine Park, which was first established in 1979. Here, you can explore the incredible coral reefs that encompass the island while swimming alongside turtles, rays, colorful fish and other amazing sea creatures. That's not to mention the abundance of tropical birds - particularly the stunning pink flamingo - to be found on the land and in the air around Bonaire. If snorkeling isn't your thing, you can also embark on eco-tours and kayaking trips across the island.

Blackbeard's Castle
In addition to the stunning vistas and welcoming communities of the island, St. Thomas also offers a unique look into the history and lore surrounding piracy in the Caribbean at Blackbeard's Castle.

Located at Skytsborg Tower, Blackbeard's Castle was originally built in 1697 by Danish colonists as a watchtower for monitoring naval activity in the region and defending Fort Christian. Local lore suggests that the infamous buccaneer Edward Teach - commonly known as Blackbeard the Pirate - used the tower often when he sailed the Caribbean Sea in search of plunder during the 18th century. Visitors can tackle the tower's "99 Steps" or embark on a ship's tour to explore the site.

California Lighthouse
Aruba's California Lighthouse was named after the steamer "California," which sunk off the coast of the island about two years before the tower was built in 1910. Located on Aruba's northwestern point, the California Lighthouse offers amazing panoramic views of the surrounding waters and land, making it a particularly great place to watch the sun set. You can also explore the large coral rocks, sandy beaches and clear blue waters that surround the lighthouse to get a sense of everyday life on Aruba.

If you can't wait to enjoy the warm sunshine and salty ocean breezes from the deck of a Princess Cruises ship, now's the time book your Caribbean cruise. Learn more about the adventures you'll soon be having as you explore the islands of Bonaire, St. Thomas and Aruba.

Pink Flamingos in Bonaire
Pink Flamingos in Bonaire