A number of ways to enjoy Galveston Island, Texas

Moody Gardens, Galveston Island
Moody Gardens, Galveston Island

Located off the coast of Eastern Texas is Galveston Island, a 27 mile-long stretch of parks and beaches that feature a number of interesting activities for vacationers lucky enough to visit. This interesting area of the Lone Star State is warm year-round and will average 60 degrees Fahrenheit even in the month of January. Those who are looking for more than just sandy beaches will note that a number of fascinating activities are available in this unique location.

One of Galveston Island's main attractions is the Moody Gardens. This tropical destination is friendly for groups of all ages and contains a number of exciting exhibits. The nearby rainforest pyramids are home to a number of endangered animals from all over the world. Those who wish to see penguins or seals up close may do so in the zoo portion of this famed amusement park.

Those wishing to partake in a water-borne tour of historic Galveston may do so on the Colonel, a paddle-wheel boat with 750 seats for passengers. The Colonel is quite accommodating, and private parties or dinner can be enjoyed in the confines of its remodeled promenade decks and interior rooms.

Travelers searching for another historical aspect while vacationing in the area can tour the city of Galveston on foot and wander the cobblestone streets among the many examples of Victorian architecture that still remain. Another curiosity of the island is the Magical Island Kingdom, a city located on the eastern end. This small city of 35,000 is populated by a wide variety of self-proclaimed "quirky" people and even has an elected King and Queen. The examples of older buildings and historic preservation are highly apparent in this interesting place.

On the other side of the island, an extensive shopping area, know as The Strand is located in downtown Galveston. A number of well established art galleries and antique stores also call this region home. Enthusiasts of these collectibles could spend days wandering the streets seeing the many beautiful examples of past culture.

The Galveston Island State Park is available for vacationers wishing to see the gorgeous beaches of this area. The park has been rebuilt after some devastation encountered during Hurricane Ike's rampage in 2008. As a nature area, the park offers bird watching, mountain biking, hiking and swimming.