5 Don't-Miss Eco-Adventures on a Caribbean Cruise

by Ashlyn S. Carter

You take care of your body, spring for organic foods as you consciously cook, and steadfastly read product labels: Why not marry your eco-friendly interests with your next travels on a Caribbean cruise? The "eco-adventure" buzzword is a way to describe the physically active, low-impact life lover's ideal vacation: a home-away-from-home, with a chance to soak up nature's beauty. Find your next vacation, one that keeps your green-minded conscience in check, on a Caribbean cruise. Here are the top five eco-adventures awaiting you in the islands:

1. Hike the Mayan Ruins

Don't skip out one of the globe's most ancient must-visit civilization sites. Among the sharp peaks jutting up from the Caribbean waters lie the Mexican Riviera's spectacular ruined structures. Take a guided tour, or be your own history buff and do your due diligence research: hike around and soak in all the fascinating site has to offer. Plus, nearby beaches await during your cruise. Pack those sandals and kick around sand in the shadow of the historical magnate.

2. Snorkel the Reefs

From St. John to Aruba, there's no shortage of underwater sights in the Caribbean. Sure, the views above ground are breathtaking, but equally sweeping views await below sea level. Equipment and training in check, you'll launch into undersea beauty, catching glimpses of fragile reefs and sea life biodiversity including sea turtles, eels, manta rays, and barracudas.

3. Kayak the Cays

The exclusive port of Princess Cays boasts waters perfect for a kayak adventure. Your excursion across the pristine waters is perfect for bird-watching. You can take in the calm of the shoreline from afar before docking to hit the shops for souvenirs or the white-sand beaches. And, there's always paddle boating and scuba diving should you want to explore the Princess Cays waters in more ways than one on your Caribbean cruise.

4. Wander the Rainforest

Could it get anymore classic eco-adventure than sinking into the sights and sounds of the rainforest? Set your sights for Costa Rica, which is full of rainforest excursion offerings. Whether you'd like to view the lush vegetation from an aerial tram with a professional guide, or take tours down canals and witness wildlife from tree frogs to crocodiles, migratory birds, and river turtles, the rainforest is a mysterious treat. You may even see a sloth!

5. Explore Volcanoes in St. Lucia

Lava domes rising from the calm Caribbean waters created a natural wonder that's a favorite among everyone from tourists to experienced climbers who visit St. Lucia. The volcanic peaks, active sulfur hot springs, tropical forest, and coral reefs display global diversity at its finest. Don't miss the chance to say you were thrillingly close to a volcano!

There's plenty of time for marathon naps shoreside and long walks on the beach during your cruise. But tackle a selected expedition or two on your Caribbean cruise to clock a healthy workout and check off a bucket list item. Interested in coming face-to-face with world wonders and refreshing your sense of adventure?

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Climb a waterfall in the Caribbean
Take a once-in-a-lifetime waterfall hike on a rainforest eco-adventure during your Princess cruise.