Take an Australia cruise to the best Pacific destinations

Australia is an incredible place - it's filled with beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife and some of the most enviable weather on Earth. The majority of the most popular tourist destinations Down Under reside along the nation's southeastern coast. And while this is certainly a beautiful slice of land to visit, the rest of Australia has so much else to offer for vacationers looking to escape completely® and explore the Pacific Ocean.

If you're looking to explore the best that the Southern Hemisphere has to offer, consider booking an Australian cruise with Princess Cruises. Here are some of the amazing destinations you'll have the chance to see.

Echo Point
Beginning along the southeastern shores of Australia, your cruise will visit the metropolitan center of Sydney. And while most people will be exploring tourist hotspots like the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach, Sydney also has a wealth of natural attractions beyond the city limits and into the Australian countryside.

In particular, you won't want to miss the opportunity to check out Echo Point, often referred to as the "Grand Canyon" of enormous rock formations. Surrounded by amazingly colorful cliffs, blue waterfalls and tall trees, you'll have a perfect view of the famous Three Sisters rocks as well as the Jamieson Valley, Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary.

Great Barrier Reef
Sailing north along the Australian coastline, you'll come to the seaside locale of Port Douglas, a town characterized by impressive ocean views and immaculate beaches. But the most amazing destination of all lies just off shore across the Coral Sea from Port Douglas - the Great Barrier Reef.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, this collection of living coral and diverse aquatic life can be seen from space. Hop on a boat, pull on some scuba gear and dive into the clear blue waters to explore one of the truly incredible sites that the South Pacific has to offer.

Litchfield National Park and Darwin Botanical Gardens
Keeping the natural aspect of your Australian cruise alive, the northern center of Darwin is rife with incredible forests and landscapes to explore. Most notably, you won't want to miss the opportunity to visit the Darwin Botanical Gardens, where you can take in a diverse array of the incredibly plant life that exists Down Under.

Nearby lies Litchfield National Park, one of the most popular natural destinations in Northern Australia. Wandering among the landscape here, you can discover enormous magnetic termite mounds, some of the continent's beautiful and lush rainforests in addition to the park's amazing sandstone plateau.

Senggigi Beach
Situated just across the sea from Australia's northern shores lies the Indonesian port of Lombok, a picturesque and exotic locale brimming with activity. If you're looking for one of the region's most breathtaking beaches, you'll want to stop by Senggigi Beach, noted for its quaint seaside shacks, pure white sand and incredible waves that surfers are sure to devour.

Your Northern Australia cruise promises some of the most inspiring and memorable natural landmarks the South Pacific has to offer, so don't waste another minute booking your trip! See the amazing sights and sounds that Princess Cruises has to offer you on an Australian vacation.

Great barrier reef aerial view, Queensland Australia
Great barrier reef aerial view, Queensland Australia