Melbourne vs. Sydney: Experience Both on Australia Cruises

by Margaret Adsit

Sydney, Australia, stands 442 miles from Melbourne — and natives from either city are quick to tell you that they're very different places. That's because Sydney and Melbourne have been engaged in a long-standing (mostly friendly) rivalry, arguing over which city is best. If you've been thinking about Australia cruises and aren't sure where to go, why not check out both cities?

Melbourne: Hipster with Class

Imagine a place with a New-York-City-meets-Portland vibe, and you'll be pretty close to Melbourne. This city excels at coffee, boasts a vibrant art scene, and is home to these fascinating historical sites:

  • The Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia's favorite stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the birthplace of Test cricket. Today, it also serves as a sporting and music venue, having hosted the likes of the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral Holding mass since 1858, St. Patrick's Cathedral is a classic example of Gothic revival architecture and a must-stop visit on any tour.
  • Eureka Skydeck Situated atop the second-tallest building in Australia, Eureka Tower, the Eureka Skydeck provides great 360-degree views of Melbourne.

Sydney: Surf Obsession with Historical Highlights

Sydney is a very relaxed city with a rich history and beautiful natural settings, including world-renowned beaches. Home to the Sydney Opera House, one of the busiest performing arts centers in the world, it's no surprise that the city also boasts a thriving art scene. Sydney's memorable sites include museums, art galleries, restaurants, and botanical gardens. Some highlights include:

  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Pylon Lookout Called Sydney's first lookout, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout was the highest viewing point in the city when bridge construction was completed in 1932. Climbing its 200 stairs will give you a workout and a tutorial of the history and construction of the bridge.
  • Fort Denison Nicknamed "Pinchgut," Fort Denison was originally a rocky island used by Aboriginal peoples for fishing. Today, this landmark is a harbor navigation facility, protecting Sydney Harbour and guiding ships safely through.

Both of these beautiful cities have so much to offer that it's impossible to decide which is better. Luckily, on Australia cruises, you don't have to decide where to go! Take a cruise to each, and the energy in both is sure to make you come back new.

Interested in seeing Melbourne or Sydney? An Australian cruise is the perfect way to explore these very different, uniquely Australian cities.

Melbourne and Sydney have been in a long-standing competition for which city is Australia's best.
Melbourne and Sydney have had a long-standing rivalry, but both cities' beauty and rich culture are perfect to visit, so you don't have to choose.