The “Deadliest” trip in Ketchikan, Alaska

Fans of the Discovery Channel's hit series "Deadliest Catch" will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when their Alaskan cruise stops in Ketchikan, as they'll have the chance to board one of the vessels that was actually used on the show.

The Aleutian Ballad was featured on the second season of the show, which certainly lived up to its title. The crew was in danger several times over the course of the season, most notably when they were nearly capsized by a 60-foot rogue wave.

Those who book this excursion won't be in any danger, however. The Ballad now sticks to much calmer waters, and has been refitted to accommodate up to 150 leisure passengers.

Still, despite the safety precautions, you'll see all the action of the television show unfold right on the boat. The crew members will send out nets in order to catch crabs, squid, prawns and more.

These aren't paid actors either - all the crew members on the Ballad are real-life crabbers who have been to some of the most far-flung places on Earth and come back with a bountiful haul.

The ship will also sail toward the beautiful Annette Island, where you'll have a chance to see some rare creatures, like whales, bald eagles, sea lions and more. 

View of harbor in Ketchikan, Alaska
View of harbor in Ketchikan, Alaska