Take an Alaska cruise to view amazing glaciers

Located just 50 miles southeast of Juneau, Alaska's Tracy Arm Fjord is a hidden world of geological wonders and spectacular wildlife. Sheer vertical walls formed by millenia-old glaciers are the centerpiece of an Inside Passage cruise, where the scenery is simply mesmerizing.

The fjords stretch for more than 30 miles with about one-quarter of the area perpetually covered in sea ice. When Princess Cruises visits these still waters in the summer, icebergs bob gracefully beside the boat and nearby glaciers can sometimes reach as much as three stories high.

Witness geological transformations
The air stands still as a Princess Cruises ship enters the fjord and in the distance, passengers may have the rare opportunity to see and hear Mother Nature as large chunks of ice cascade into the deep waters. A sign of the changing seasons, glacial calving is what shaped the Tracy Arm Fjord tens of thousands of years ago. These dazzling granite canyons are covered in snow during the winter and a deep emerald green in the summer.

The most spectacular glaciers in North America are hidden deep in the fjord. Because of their exhilarating and frequent calving, the twin Sawyer Glaciers have been featured in numerous nature documentaries and never fail to leave cruise passengers breathless as they witness ice calve into the glittering waters.

Glacier Bay National Park
Princess Cruises is one of the privileged few that can bring you to this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, like Glacier Bay National Park. From the deck of a cruise ship, this stunning destination is truly the highlight of the 7-day Voyage of the Glaciers in Alaska - offering visitors unparalleled views of the snowcapped peaks, rolling green hills and abundant wildlife. In particular, you won't want to miss the sight of Margerie Glacier, a breathtaking formation that often drops enormous chunks of ice into the blue waters below. 

If you're looking for something more family-oriented, join a session with National Park rangers for a Junior Ranger program for your little ones. Your kids will learn all about the history, geography and animal life in Glacier Bay, which includes identifying humpback whales, black bears, bald eagles, porpoises and sea otters. 

By the end of the day, your scenic cruise of Glacier Bay National Park is one you won't forget.

Cruising Glacier Bay in Alaska
Cruising Glacier Bay in Alaska