Strike gold in Skagway, Alaska

Looking for a golden addition to your Alaskan cruise? Than be sure to disembark in Skagway - a charming town that transports visitors back to the days of the Yukon gold rush.

Travelers who visit Skagway will certainly be getting a unique experience. Frommer's claims that Skagway "may be the best-preserved gold-rush town in the United States." And the famous guide may just be right.

That's because the National Park Service has taken special care to ensure that Skagway remains around for all to enjoy. The government agency has bought 15 of the town's historic buildings and restored them so that they appear as they did during the height of the gold rush. Travelers can head down the "Broadway" area to see a visual representation of what life was like for budding prospectors way back when.

Of course, travelers on a cruise have a few special opportunities as well. Kids might enjoy learning how to pan for gold or visiting the nearby gold fields. Or perhaps the entire family would like to try out a real dogsled ride.

There are also shore excursions to the nearby Klondike Summit, as well as expeditions out into the Yukon to see what real gold seekers faced when they came here all those years ago.

Goldpanning in Skagway, Alaska
Goldpanning in Skagway, Alaska