Cruise Loyalty & Recognition Programs

The CRUISE program began on our ships in 1996 as a way of distinguishing our company from other cruise lines through excellent customer service. As a result, our scores in guest satisfaction climbed to new heights, demonstrating our crew members' dedication to providing the highest level of service.

Today, the CRUISE program is embraced and exemplified by shipboard and shoreside staff alike and forms the basis for the teamwork and pride that have come to define Princess Cruises.

Our overarching goal is to always be The Consummate Host and consistently deliver great service to our guests and colleagues. We achieve this when every employee lives our core values. The CRUISE program rewards, recognizes, educates, and supports employees with this ultimate goal in mind.

Consummate Host of the Month logo


The Consummate Host of the Month program recognizes those who have gone above and beyond their work responsibilities to support the company's customer service principles.

Winners are often those who work diligently and modestly behind the scenes to support the success and growth of their departments. The Consummate Host of the Month program recognizes extra performance efforts and teamwork.

Consummate Host of the Year logo


Consummate Host of the Year recognition is generally considered to be the company's top honor, rewarding a deserving individual for his or her dedication, service, and attitude. One shoreside winner and one shipboard winner are named each year.

We Innovate Award logo


The We Innovate program rewards the best shipboard or shoreside service improvement innovations suggested by team members on land or at sea.