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Discover U is a company-wide resource for corporate training, development, and improving performance.

Using experiential learning—"learning through doing"—we provide a wide range of opportunities for ongoing professional growth at every step of your career journey. 

Discover U designs all cruise career training to reinforce the company’s core values at the individual, team, and corporate levels, so every employee and crew member is prepared to act as The Consummate Host. We respect our team by training to enhance teamwork dynamics and advance overall company performance. We do it right by keeping crew members up to speed on company advancements and updates. Above all, we provide excellent customer service training to benefit guests and crew members alike.

Discover U provides a wide range of instructor-led and online, computer-based training to:

  • Build and enhance job-specific skills
  • Advance management and leadership skills
  • Gain expertise on Princess Cruises products and services
  • Meet your department's specialized training needs
  • Comply with the latest safety and workplace conduct requirements

Discover U features our innovative Leadership Series, which imparts essential information to help department heads, Managers, and Supervisors lead effective and efficient teams. The Customer Service program provides a unique way of looking at guests, helping all team members make Princess Cruises The Consummate Host.

Computer-based opportunities include the key policies and procedures necessary to your department, critical safety information, and English as a second language.

Learning & Development Managers are on board to assist with your learning and development, as well as answer any questions you may have.