Our Shared Purpose and Core Values

The Core Values of our one team with one dream are: Respect, Protect, and Connect.

Our Shared Purpose

To share our world,
Share our hearts,
Protect our Earth, and
Create lasting memories.

Our Core Values


  • Be OPEN and HONEST
  • Build TRUST
  • Celebrate differences
  • INCLUDE everyone
  • Support CHANGE
  • Use resources wisely
  • CARE for ourselves, communities and each other


  • Put SAFETY first, together, always
  • Do the right thing 
  • SPEAK UP when something does not seem right
  • Think ahead 
  • COMPLY with all standards
  • Protect our Earth


  • Connect with guests and each other
  • Deliver GENUINE, HAPPY, EXPERT service
  • EXCEED expectations 
  • LEARN every day
  • SHARE new ideas 
  • Own and RESOLVE issues