Princess Cruises

Sea Princess® – Sept. 2011:

Aileen Fontelera, Waiter

My name is Aileen Fontelera, born and raised in the beautiful country of Philippines. I finished my degree at Centro Escolar University, taking up Bachelor of Science major in tourism. I then worked for the Westin Hotel group in Manila for 2 years, where I practiced my skills in the Food and Beverage industry.

I was hired as an Assistant Buffet Steward onboard Caribbean Princess, and eventually was promoted to waitress. I am very happy to be part of the Princess Cruises family, as I was able to travel in different countries and make new friends with different nationalities. I have improved my skills with the help of my superior and co-workers. Princess Cruises opened for me a new chapter in my life when I met my loving husband, Rolly, working as a Bartender.

Making me as an Employee of the Month makes me a new person, making me stronger to face more challenges in life and inspire me to do things in a different way. I would like to thank my crewmembers and my family back home, especially my son who gives me all the strength to face all the challenges in life, and of course almighty God who gave me guidance throughout.