Princess Cruises

Ocean Princess® – Oct. 2011:

Karla Melissa Ramirez Quintero, Assistant Buffet Steward

I am Karla Melissa Ramirez Quintero, Assistant. Buffet Steward, born in Mazatlan, Mexico. I joined Princess Cruises in March, 2011 because I wanted to travel around the world. This is my first contract and I am so happy that I've been chosen as Employee of the Month.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. I have learned a lot because I have been treated very professionally and with a lot of patience. I always enjoy helping officers and the staff in my present position in the Officers/Staff Messroom. In addition to travelling, I enjoy reading books and listening to music. When I am not onboard, I love to spend time with my family and friends.

Thank you very much to all.