Princess Cruises

Island Princess® – Oct. 2011:

Malcolm Jude Fernandes, Assistant Cook Trainee

Hello there! I have come from the village of Anjuna, which is located at the west coast of Goa, India. I joined Princess Cruises in April, 2011 with an aim in life to be a professional chef and also to see the world by serving on different Princess Cruises vessels.

My plan for the future is to serve onboard as a professional Chef and set good examples for others or for the upcoming generation, in the same way which I am or with more energy and enthusiasm.

First of all to be a nominee for the Employee of the Month is not an easy task. One needs to put in all the energy and hard work with a smile while working in front of passengers or in the Galley with fellow crewmembers rather than counting your working hours to see when you are going to finish.

It really feels good to be selected as an Employee of the Month. Thank You!!