Princess Cruises

Caribbean Princess®:

Ralphy Guillermo Dela Paz Tanada, 2nd Bosun

I started my career for Princess Cruises in 1994 as an ordinary Seaman back on the old Golden Princess. Since then, I rose through the ranks to become 2nd Bosun after eighteen years with the company. Winning shipboard's most prestigious award, Employee of the Month, was never in my wildest dreams because my priority was to keep the ship in top shape at all times.

And after winning (with many thanks to the passenger who wrote the recognition letter), the first thing that came up to my mind was to focus/work more on my responsibility as a 2nd Bosun.

Furthermore, I would like to express my thanks to my colleagues who work with me in the early mornings on the open decks, likewise to my Senior and Junior Officers of the Deck Department.