Princess Cruises

Pacific Princess® – May 2011:

Adrian Mitu, Waiter

Hello, my name is Adrian Mitu. I am Head Waiter, Internal Service, on board Pacific Princess. I am from Romania. I started to work for Princess Cruises in 2004 as an Assistant Buffet Steward serving the crew members. After receiving recognition from my superiors I got an opportunity to serve passengers. By 2007 I was a waiter and soon thereafter I was promoted to Supervisor, Food & Beverage.

I was surprised and honored to receive this award because I consider that a lot of people are doing a much difficult job than I am. I thank the C.R.U.I.S.E. committee for considering me and electing me as Employee of the Month.

My job as Head Waiter, Internal Service, includes making arrangements for the Crew Mess and Officers' Mess so everybody will enjoy their meals every day. I am in charge of six Assistant Buffet Stewards who set up the buffet lines for both of the messes and I motivate them to serve the crew members with a smile.