Princess Cruises

Island Princess® – May 2011:

Selfianus Kordini, Wiper

Selfianus Kordini is one of our Engine Wipers. He toils selflessly in the heat of the engine room day after day, rarely seen by any one of us. His work is very important to the maintenance and cleanliness of the engine room. Due to his attitude and enthusiasm we consider him a worthy candidate for the Employee of the Month.

In his own words: "I was born in Megamendung, Bogor, west of Java, but I lived in north of Jakarta since 1958.

I began my career at sea as a Wiper on board Fair Princess in 1998. My foremost reason for joining Princess Cruises was for my hobby of traveling to different places, meeting people, and knowing each country's cultures and traditions. The other reason was to provide for my family's food and accommodation.

Being selected as an Employee of the Month was absolutely priceless and something very amazing for me. It has passed the boundaries of my happiness.

"Thank you very much, Princess."