Princess Cruises

Diamond Princess® – May 2011:

Alexandru Oprita, Head Waiter

My name is Alexandru Oprita and I am from Romania. I was born in Bucharest on April 21, 1978. I started my career in 1999 on board Grand Princess. Before joining ships, I was working in one of the best hotels in Bucharest, the Crown Plaza. But then I got the feeling for adventure and traveling around the world.

In all these years, Princess Cruises gave me a lot of opportunities to travel around the world, to work with different people from different nationalities, and at the same time to make some good friends.

Besides all these experiences and the friends I have made, the most important person in my life is my wife, Karla, whom I met on board. For us, it was a real Love Boat.

This recognition as Employee of the Month is a huge responsibility and, at the same time, a pleasant surprise that will motivate me in the future.

I want to say a big thank you to all the people who appreciated my hard work, who believed in me, and who gave me this honor.