Princess Cruises

Sapphire Princess® – June 2011:

Dicky Serra, Assistant Printer

My name is Dicky Serra and I work as an Assistant Printer on board Sapphire Princess. I have been working for Princess for four years and this is my fifth contract. I am from a town in the Philippines called Mansalay (Mindoro Oriental).

I was so surprised to have been nominated as the Employee of the Month. Being voted Employee of the Month is a great honor for me. I started my contract with Princess in April 2007 on the beautiful Emerald Princess during the inaugural season. I continued my contract as the Assistant Printer. I am very honored to have been selected for the Employee of the Month, not only to have been recognized for diligent work but also to set as example for my colleagues. I will consider this recognition a challenge that I must not stop but strive for the very best.

I am so grateful to everyone in the department with whom I work for their support and understanding during the critical time when I have been working as a Printer and Assistant Printer at the same time. Each day I continue my role and try to strive even better than before in my duties.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single officer and crewmember with whom I've worked and learned so many things throughout the past four contracts. I will do my very best to be effective and diligent in my work at all times.