Princess Cruises

Ocean Princess® – June 2011:

Melissa Melchior, Assistant Purser

My name is Melissa Melchior and I am from Seattle, Washington. My interest in the cruise industry and desire to travel ignited in 2003 when I took an Alaskan cruise on board Star Princess with a few close friends and family members. Shortly after, once in college, I was pressured to confirm a subject to major in. With my first cruise in mind, I knew I wanted to enjoy my career and travel the world. I decided to major in International Business and immediately began working in port operations shoreside for Princess Cruises in Seattle. Once I graduated from college in 2009, I began my career on board as a Junior Assistant Purser.

Being nominated for Employee of the Month is quite an honor; to be selected amongst so many deserving winners, needless to say, means a lot. As the Administration Officer on board Ocean Princess, my success heavily relies on all personnel on board as I work closely with all departments. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone on board Ocean Princess for their continuing support and overall generosity. Thank you!