Princess Cruises

Island Princess® – June 2011:

Nandkumar Ambekar, Accommodation Attendant

We would like to commend Nandkumar Ambekar for going the extra mile to find a missing wedding ring, which a passenger accidently dropped inside the Princess Theater. Nandkumar spent the time to find this wedding ring and gave it to the passengers who had lost it. The passengers were very happy and tried to give him a reward. Instead of accepting it, he told the passengers that it was his job and had been a pleasure to serve them. The passengers were so happy' they put his name on a “You Made the Difference” card. The passengers wanted to make sure that his name would be recognized for his great effort.

Hello, everyone. I am Nandkumar Ambekar, born and raised in the economic capital of India, Mumbai. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I started my career with Princess on board this beautiful white lady, Island Princess, in January 2004 as a Galley Cleaner. My reason to join Princess was to explore God's most wonderful creation, Earth, to help my family financially, and to put some food on the table.

Unfortunately, I spent some time away from the company after six successful contracts. Many thanks to Princess Cruises for allowing me rejoin.

I see a great future ahead working with Princess Cruises. For me, it is a company that gave me an opportunity to work when I was seriously passing through a rough phase of life.

I am speechless and just can't express my feelings in words. I only would like to say, "Many, many thanks to Princess Cruises for giving me this honor of Employee of the Month." I could not have asked anything better than this.