Princess Cruises

Grand Princess® – June 2011:

Igor Vasalatii, 2nd Electrical Fitter

My name is Igor Vasalatii. I'm 23 years old. I was born and raised in Nikolaev, Ukraine. I currently work on Grand Princess as an Electrical Fitter.

In 2010 I graduated from the Nikolaev shipbuilding university in a specialty ship's electromechanics course. In April 2010 I began my sea career with Stamco Maritime Ltd. on the carrier Istra Ace as an electrician cadet. But I was always attracted to working on a passenger vessel and Princess Cruises gave me the remarkable opportunity. In May 2011 I joined Grand Princess and began my work as Fitter Electrician.

I started work in passenger cabins. I always tried to concern myself with understanding the problems of passengers, and tried to help them as much as I could. One day I received a defect chit about the broken electro-scooter in one of the cabins. After a conversation with the passenger I understood that the problem should be solved as soon as possible, because without the scooter he would need to be pushed around in a wheelchair, but his wife could not push it for a long time. After repairing the scooter, I visited the passenger the next day, just to be assured that all was okay and that he had no more problems. After several days, our SETO transferred to me a letter of thanks from the passenger. It was very pleasant for me to read such remarkable words of gratitude for the work I had done. The SETO then told me that I received the Employee of the Month award. It was very pleasant for me to receive this award, especially in my first month of work.

Thanks to my entire department for the help and support, and thanks to Princess Cruises for this remarkable award.