Princess Cruises

Golden Princess® – June 2011:

Roberto Abia Onda, Jr. Accommodation Attendant

My name is Roberto Abia Onda Jr. and I am from the beautiful island of Palawan, Philippines. I am 32 years old and this is my fourth contract; I've been working for Princess Cruises for almost four years as an Accommodation Attendant. It was my dream to work on a cruise line and I'm very grateful that my dream came to reality. I love my job and I'm really enjoying it, while at the same time I can visit so many beautiful places. It's a privilege that I most enjoy.

I was surprised when my Supervisor told me that I had been invited to the Employee of the Month award ceremony. I did not know that I would be the Employee of the Month. I had been nominated on my previous contract on Diamond Princess, so I thought I would be runner-up again. But, when the runner-up was called and my name was not there I felt more nervous and excited! The mixed feelings were rumbling in my chest and mind grew faster and bigger until the Cruise Director announced the Employee of the Month and it was my name. Yes! I did it!

After following the C.R.U.I.S.E. program that we have I tried to make sure I understood exactly what C.R.U.I.S.E. means. It really helps me to understand the importance of my job, my colleagues, and the Princess passengers, and how to be The Consummate Host.

I'm so proud to have received this award. I'm thankful and grateful to those who believed in me, to those who trusted me, and to those who noticed my job. It's been really great to work with you. God bless us all!