Princess Cruises

Sapphire Princess® – July 2011:

Andi Indra Jaya, 1st Plumber

My name is Andi Indra Jaya and I work as the 1ST Plumber on board Sapphire Princess. I have been working for Princess for 13 years and this is my 12th contract. I am from a small town called Makassar in Indonesia.

I am very happy and excited to have been voted Employee of the Month and I was very surprised and proud when I found out. Being an Employee of the Month is a dream for every crewmember--having their efforts recognized by management. We have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for the satisfaction of the passengers. I would like to thank my team because I wouldn't have been able to do this without their support.

Each day I work as a 1st Plumber in charge of all the plumbing systems, including the water supply, toilet and drainage system, and treatment of all black and grey water systems on board. I make sure that all are running in good, normal condition. This month I will continue working hard to be ready for the upcoming public health inspections.