Princess Cruises

Dawn Princess® – July 2011:

Jose Rocha Rodrigues, Chief Stoker

I was born on the island of Capo Verde, and I moved to Portugal when I was seven years old; later on my family moved to Germany and I attended the nautical institute of Travemunde. Since I was a boy I wanted to see the world and as soon as I finished school I managed to secure a job as a wiper with the German company Ollendorf on one of their general cargo vessels. After a few years I filed a job application with Princess Cruises. Due to my past experience I was hired as Chief Stoker on board Dawn Princess, where I have been ever since.

There are no words to express how proud I felt when the Chief Engineer, together with the Staff Engineer and the Hotel General Manager, shook my hand in front of all the technical officers to inform me of and congratulate me for my award. I am very proud to have been chosen as Employee of the Month; I thank all my fellow crewmembers for their consideration and I will do my best to behave according to their expectations.