Princess Cruises

Grand Princess® – Aug. 2011:

Rachel Flores, Waiter

My Name is Rachel Flores, and I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I am currently employed as a waitress and I am also a hostess in the Da Vinci dining room on Grand Princess.

Previously I was working in the hospitality industry as a Concierge at a 5-star hotel in Manila. From there I heard about Princess Cruises and I tried to apply to one of the cruise ship agencies in Manila.

It is very exciting for me to be employed by one of the most prestigious cruise lines in the world. For myself, it is very important to provide excellent service to our dear passengers and I believe all my fellow crewmembers feel the same way, too.

It has been 4 years with Princess and I feel very honored being blessed with the Employee of the Month award. This achievement would not be possible without the help, support, and assistance of my friends on Grand Princess and also to my Maitre D' Hotel who is always willing to fully support each and every one of us.

My warmest gratitude to the entire crews and officers on Grand Princess.