Why Princess?

The Consummate Host®

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Warm, welcoming service

What does it mean to sail with The Consummate Host? You'll be right at home without a care in the world. From sun-up to late into the night we are there to anticipate your every need. And by voyage's end, our crew will feel just like family.

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Great tasting food, freshly prepared

Whether you feel like a multi-course meal in a formal dining room or hand-tossed Naples-style pizza by the pool, Princess obliges your every mood. From elegant specialty restaurants to themed buffets on deck, the variety of venues and dining options is certain to satisfy no matter the time of day.

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Employees of the Month

Courtesy. Respect. Unfailing in Service Excellence. It's not just a motto. It's our culture. Every member of our crew is dedicated to providing superior service to ensure you escape completely.

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