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Cruising Article – 2011-03-09

A royal tour of Copenhagen, Denmark

European Cruise Destinations

Although monarchies have largely been replaced in European society, the royal palaces and castles still remain, and Copenhagen, Denmark, is no exception. European cruise travelers who stop in the city will have a chance to view some of these beautiful buildings, some of which are still used by their royal owners.

Christiansborg Palace is a prime example of the European shift away from the monarchies and toward parliamentary systems. The palace has a long history and still serves as the site of functions for the king and queen, with some of the rooms reserved for members of the Danish royal family. However, a greater portion of the building now houses Denmark's Parliament and the various politicians who have come to power, including the Prime Minister's office. If you choose this excursion, you'll get an inside look at some of the beautiful and intricately designed rooms inside, as well as a chance to see the nearby Amalienborg Palace, which is the winter residence for the royal family.

Another option available in excursion packages is Rosenborg Castle. In the 17th century, this grand structure served as the summer home for several Danish kings. The features have been mostly preserved, and you'll be able to see what royal life was like on a full tour. Perhaps the highlight of the trip is the Danish Crown Jewels, which are still on display.