Huahine, French Polynesia

Two islands, Huahine-Nui and Huahine-Iti, joined together by a bridge, make up Huahine with its pristine waters and ancient villages. Surfers from all over the globe meet to ride some of the best waves in French Polynesia.

Located within the Society Islands, just over a hundred miles from Tahiti, the two islands of Huahine—Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti (Big Island and Little Island) are surrounded by a deep lagoon encircled by a coral necklace. Connected by a bridge, both islands boast white-sand beaches, vanilla and banana plantations, and some of Polynesia's most significant cultural sites.

Marae Manunu

One of Polynesia's most significant cultural sites, the open-air marae features a large sacred stone that is approximately 100 feet long.

Ancient Fish Traps

See a traditional form of fishing using 400-year-old Polynesian stone fish traps, still in use today.

Belvedere Lookout

Panoramic views of the island, Maroe Bay and the lagoon.

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