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Amalia Glacier, Chile (Scenic Cruising)

Located in the central part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields, the Amalia Glacier descends from the Andes Mountains and sits towering above the sea. Because of the glacier's immense weight, the oxygen has been pressed out of the ice, giving it an amazingly beautiful crystalline appearance.

Glacial Wonders

The Amalia Glacier is one of three spectacular glaciers that are truly one-in-a-lifetime sights to behold. Approximately 73 square miles in area, the Amalia's mammoth blue mountain of ice is constantly changing, and like other glaciers, gradually shrinking.

Glacial Wildlife

The flora and fauna in this part of the world is also spectacular. You're likely to see all kinds of different bird species perched on cliffs and on branches in the forests. Offshore, you can frequently spot dolphins that often swim alongside the ships.

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