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Hilo, Hawaii

The "Big Island" of Hawaii is the youngest and largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and the most varied in landscape—with striking black sand beaches and green sand beaches, tropical rain forests, ancient Hawaii heiau ruins, alpine terrain, and surreal lava rock landscapes.

Hilo, the eastern side's port city is where the seat of the Big Island's government resides and it is a launching point for the myriad of Big Island attractions.


Green gardens and cascading waterfalls encircle Hilo, the island's commercial center, which sits alongside a crescent-shaped bay and turn-of-the-century downtown.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This amazing park is home to three volcanoes: Mauna Kea - the highest peak in the Pacific Basin; Mauna Loa - the largest mountain in the world; and Kilauea - the actively erupting volcano on the island.

Akaka Falls

This spectacular 422-feet waterfall is located on the windward side of the island and is the subject of a well-known Hawaiian song.

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