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Suva, Fiji

The Fiji archipelago is at the crossroads of the South Pacific, with 333 islands for an exciting adventure or peaceful repose. The northwest region, where the sun shines almost every day and a tropical shower ends as quickly as it began, is home to the majority of the resorts. Built around a reef protected natural harbor, Suva, with its colonial buildings nestled alongside modern commercial venues, parks and a residential sprawl, is the home of nearly half of Fiji's urban population.

The people of Fiji are the most multi-racial and multi-cultural of all South Pacific island countries — this being reflected in churches of all denominations, mosques, temples and shrines. It is an exotic and fascinating culture filled with legends and rituals. Witness firewalkers, Kava Ceremonies, tribal drumming, dance and song.

Fiji Museum

The museum, located amid Thurston Gardens, contains cannibal-era exhibits and the rudder from Captain Bligh's HMS Bounty.

Government House

The official residence of the President of the Republic of Fiji echoes the island's British colonial past.

University of the South Pacific

U.S.P. draws students from the majority of South Pacific island nations and utilizes the former war base of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

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